Crawlspace Remediation / Restoration

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Not sure how to get started or even what to ask? Don’t worry! Give us a call and explain your concerns. We offer a full range of consulting services that will assist you in deciding the best course of action for your home.

What are Some Common Problems in a Crawl Space?

Since crawlspaces are so rarely frequented, it can allow animals (particularly rodents) to infest and breed uncontrollably without the homeowner even knowing. Rodents and other wildlife, which take up residence under your home, can cause thousands of dollars in damage and contamination.

Beyond causing damage to your home and wallet, the center for disease control reports that as many as 35 different diseases are transmitted directly and indirectly from rodents. Independent studies suggest that 40% of the air you breathe comes from the air underneath your home—this is even higher in the winter when less air is able to come in through windows and doors and homeowners rely more heavily on heating their home from within.

Breathing in filthy contaminated air from your crawlspace day after day can create serious health risks. For these reasons and more, it is critically important to have a trained professional check your crawlspace at least once a year to insure your home is healthy and your family is safe.

mold in crawl space? we do mold remediation Dallas

What is a crawl space?

Out of all of the areas in your home, the one that most homeowners seldom see and might not even know exists, is the crawlspace. Although this area is hardly looked at, it certainly should not be ignored.

Many crucial elements that can affect the health and safety of your home are housed in the crawlspace, including: your home’s foundation, plumbing, moisture barrier, subfloor insulation, and air ducts.

Not only are these elements key in the functionality of your home, but the condition of the elements themselves can greatly affect the overall health or your home and those that occupy it. (Vector diseases, Aspergillus, Pseudomonas, Bacteria, Fungus, and many other disease-carrying organisms) Have you been in your crawl space lately? Unless you are selling your property or have had a plumbing leak, most likely you haven’t. It is dark, damp, and confined and most people are afraid to go in. If your crawl space is is not properly sealed, up to 40% of the air you breathe in your home could be coming from the crawl space. It is important to your health that you ensure that your crawl space is a healthy one.

Crawl Space Cleaning

If you are concerned that your crawl space is unsafe in any way, give us a call. We will send one of our highly trained technicians to do a detailed inspection of your crawl space and talk to about any issues.

We will set up a time to have our crew come out and get the job completed so that you can move on with your day. When it comes to crawl space cleaning, nobody does a better and more thorough job than The Killers Crawl Space Restoration.

What makes a crawl space unhealthy?

Water! Crawl spaces are damp environments. Landscaping that slopes towards the home, clogged ventilation, plumbing leaks, and soil moisture can all lead to mold growth. The mold spores can easily get into the indoor air (remember up to 40% of all new air entering the living space is coming from your crawl space?). If you have had a plumbing leak that involves the sewer system of your home, there is even more to worry about. Bacteria. E Coli. Scary stuff. IAQM can make your crawl space a healthy one. We utilize several environmentally safe methods including media and dry ice blasting. We offer preventative solutions such as vent and fan installation, dehumidifying systems, soil vapor barriers, and anti-microbial coatings.

We can make your crawl space a less scary place. Call IAQM to schedule a crawl space inspection. Few of us think of our crawl spaces, and understandably so! But the importance of taking care of your crawl space is critical to indoor health and the structural integrity of your home. And no home or business owner wants to watch the value of their property plummet because of structural damage. Portland residents who call the professionals at The Killers Crawl Space Restoration know why we are one of the leading companies in Multnomah County and the surrounding metro area for crawl space restoration and clearing. Structural damage can lead other hazards, as well. As we all know, here in the Portland area it rains the majority of the year. And when it does, exposed insulation will capture that moisture and aid the buildup of fungus, mildew, and mold.

This is especially risky for the health of a building’s occupants. The spores from mold spread easily, causing asthma and other ailments. That is why Portland residents need a reliable company to take care of all of their crawl space restoration and clearing needs.

Crawl Space Restoration services include:

Crawlspace Clean Out
Crawlspace Remediation
Crawlspace Restoration
Crawlspace Insulation Removal Crawlspace Alternative Insulation Replacement Crawlspace Soda Blasting
Crawlspace HVAC Duct Replacement Crawlspace Vapor Barrier Options Crawlspace Encapsulation Options Crawlspace Ventilation & Dehumidification Options

Beginning Stages of Mold Inspection & Cleaning


Stages of Advance Hydrogen Peroxide doing it's magic bringing all funk to the surface


After pictures of Crawl Space & Encapsulation. This serves as an anti-microbial coating preventing mold destruction in the future.



  • Air Duct Assessment & Cleaning 

  • HVAC Assessment & Cleaning 

  • Water Damage Restoration

  • Fire Damage Restoration

  • 24/7 Emergency Response Clean Up

  • Content Inventory & Packing Service

  • Content Restoration & Cleaning

  • Content Long or Short Term Storage

  • Catastrophe Response & Management

  • Mold Remediation Services

  • Insurance Claims Assistance

  • Indoor Air Quality Products

  • Air Duct & Systems Replacement

  • Contaminant Removal

  • Preventative Maintenance Plans

  • Reconstruction Service (Post Restoration)

  • Insulation Removal & Replacement