Why Does Mold Grow in Your Home in Dallas, TX

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One thing you don’t want growing in your home is mold. While you may be able to control the presence of mold in your home, you can’t stop mold spores from getting into your house. So why does mold grow in your home in Dallas, TX? The good thing is that mold spores need ideal conditions before they can grow.

Mold spores need nutrient, oxygen, darkness, optimal temperature, and moisture to thrive. All conditions cannot be controlled except water, which makes it the most important factor.

Here are the primary reasons why mold grows in your home in Dallas, TX.

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You Have Leaky Pipes

One of the significant causes of mold growth in your Dallas, TX, home is leaky pipes. These leaks are notably worse if they occur inside the walls as they can remain undetected. By the time the mold becomes visible, you’ve got a considerable mold problem on your hands. Whenever you spot water stains on your wall, you should have the leak fixed and a mold expert come in for an inspection and possibly, a removal.

Your Roof is Leaky

A leaky roof is another reason why mold grows in your Dallas, TX home. Roofs that leak into the attic are especially worse as they may not be discovered until there’s a full-blown mold problem. Thus you should go up in the attic from time to time to check for leaks. Look at the ceiling below the attic for water signs and if there are any, get the roof fixed and call in a mold removal experts to handle the situation.

Your Home is not Properly Ventilated

Why does mold grow in your home in Dallas, TX? You probably have improper ventilation. Day to day activities such as cooking, clothes drying, bathing, house cleaning, ironing, and even cleaning generate moisture, which are sent into the atmosphere. If your home lacks proper ventilation, the moisture builds up and form packets of water, which in turn cause mold to grow. To remove moisture from your home, proper ventilation has to be in place.

You have Frequent Flooding

Your surface only needs to be wet for as little as 24 hours before mold springs up. Flooding takes days and even weeks before drying, leaving your basement and carpet damp and suitable for mold to grow. So if you do have frequent flooding, make sure your home is dried immediately to prevent a mold infestation.


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